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Global Machinery Hosted Open House to Unveil Mecalac's MWR Wheeled Excavator

by: Jill White
The Mecalac's unique design enables an operator to spin the machine around effortlessly, allowing him to get in and out of tight spaces with ease.
The Mecalac's unique design enables an operator to spin the machine around effortlessly, allowing him to get in and out of tight spaces with ease.
Last month, Denver-based construction dealer Global Machinery hosted an open house event for approximately 40 contractors aimed at introducing them to the innovative range of products from Mecalac. Mecalac has a strong presence in Europe but is a relatively new player to the U.S. construction market while Global Machinery has long been recognized as a trusted name in the construction equipment industry, providing contractors with top-quality products and exceptional customer service.
Introducing Mecalac's MWR Wheeled Excavator
The highlight of the open house event was the introduction of Mecalac's MWR Wheeled Excavator. The MWR Wheeled Excavator is poised to revolutionize the construction industry with its versatility and agility. This machine offers the best of both worlds, combining the mobility of a wheeled vehicle with the functionality of an excavator. Contractors appreciated its ability to navigate various terrains easily, including urban environments, without compromising on digging power and efficiency.
Key Features of the MWR Wheeled Excavator
  • Compactness: The new MWRs can be equipped with four steering wheels thus allowing operators to do a U-turn practically on the spot and effectively overcome all obstacles.
  • Mobility: The MWR Wheeled Excavator features a compact design and a powerful engine that allowed it to travel swiftly and efficiently on both roads and rough terrain. Its maneuverability makes it an ideal choice for projects that require frequent relocation.
  • Versatility: With its new patented quick coupler, this innovative excavator offers a range of attachments and accessories that enable contractors to tackle various tasks. Whether it was digging, trenching, lifting, or loading, the MWR Wheeled Excavator showed exceptional versatility to adapt to different job requirements.
  • Operator Comfort: Mecalac prioritized operator comfort in the design of the MWR Wheeled Excavator. The cabin offers a spacious and ergonomic environment, equipped with advanced controls and excellent visibility, ensuring that operators can work with ease and precision. In addition, the cab is 20 percent lower to the ground compared to rival products making entering and exiting much easier.
  • Safety and Stability: The new MWRs benefit from 360-degree ISO stability. This means the machine’s stability remains the same regardless of the rotation angle of the upper carriage.

The Global Machinery open house presented an excellent opportunity for contractors in the Denver area to experience firsthand the innovative capabilities of the MWR Wheeled Excavator as well as the complete line of Mecalac products.

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